A Brecki Wedding

August 9 2014

Genevieve and Mike are getting married!

Sonoma County, California

(And no, we're not really changing our last names to Brecki.)

We've been together a long time. Over 8 years, in fact. And in that time we've accumulated most of the stuff that young married couples need in their lives together. Stand mixer? We've got that. Juicer? Got one of those too. In short, all we're asking for is your presence. 

We do understand that some of you are going to insist on getting us something (that is very generous of you, thank you), and for that reason we have set up a registry on Zola.com: 


Please feel free to go off registry - we love the outdoors, good food and booze, and Genevieve has a serious collection of jadeite and milk glass going. Donate to a charity we'd like, or just write us a really nice note. We're already pretty darn grateful just to have you in our lives.